Is Your Business Safe from Cyber Threats?

The number of cyber threats and attacks is growing and seems never ending – so how should you ensure your business is safe from cyber threats?

Ensuring your business is safe from the cyber threats of recent months is a necessary challenge! It has now become a question of when rather than if you will be targeted.

This challenge is more important than ever, as security failings will not only lead to significant fines, but also damage reputation and trust between customers and your business.

Here is a small guide on how to ensure your business is safe:

#1 – Awareness

When it comes to protecting your business from threats, awareness is key!

Knowing what systems and software your business has to protect is the first step because there are many security frameworks that you can adopt.

Secondly, arguably one of the biggest challenges is the lack of visibility into your website traffic. The ability to differentiate between real users and bots trying to impersonate real users is essential to get ahead of threats, rather than evolving with them.

#2 – Eliminating the concept of “TRUST”  

Communication, system, users and machines should not be able to access any part of the network without inspection, validation and reason.

Ongoing reviews reduces the chance of exploitation by cyber hackers. In Parallel, businesses must extend to new infrastructures and new architectures such as Cloud Container

#3 – Training

Quite often, Human Error is to blame for cyber security breaches. According to analysis of data from the UK’s ICO, 9 out of 10 breaches last year were caused by Human Error.

This is why cyber security training is essential. It is very important to ensure that all employees are well trained on aspects of cyber security best practice such as phishing e-mails, data sharing, updates, passwords and two-factor authentication.

If you need help to take any of these steps, or if you would like more information on how to protect your business, please feel free to contact us!

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