Monitoring Cyber Attacks

Monitoring Cyber Attacks!

Monitoring the system you have in place lets you observe actual or attempted attacks on your business. For a firm to be able to be effective with their security, it is important that they have good monitoring strategies to effectively respond to threats.

Failing to monitor the security systems in place regularly and properly means that your business is at risk of not being able to:

Spot attacks: the business will be unaware that their security has been broken into. It could lead to major consequences such as the attacker seeking to take advantage of legitimate business services, for example, by using stolen credentials to defraud payment services.

React to an attack: An effective response to an attack depends on being aware that an attack has happened or is taking place. Being that one step ahead of your hacker will minimise the impact or damage caused to your business.

Having considered potentials risks linked with the failure to monitor an attack, there are ways for your business to prepare and monitor those cyber attacks.

#1 – Monitor network traffic

Inbound and outbound traffic traversing network boundaries should be monitored to identify unusual activity or trends that could indicate attacks. Unusual network traffic or large data transfers should automatically generate security alerts with prompt investigation.

Tips: Use a Firewall to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private computer network.

#2 – Establish an analysis team

Develop a team that can collect and analyse information and alerts from across the organisation. Much of this would be automated due to the volume of data involved, which enables analysts to concentrate on anomalies or high priority alerts.

Tips: ensure that the solution does not itself provide an opportunity for attackers to bypass normal network security and access controls.

#3 – Learning from Mistakes

It is very important to have training and policies in place to make sure that everybody within the organisation is on the same page regarding monitoring cyber attacks. For example, it may be that something unusual is happening on one of the computers, but it is not enough of an anomaly to be seen by the team monitoring the data; in this case, train staff to report to the team to investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Tips: Remember that it is better to protect against a cyber attack rather than being exposed to one and having to deal with its consequences.

CSE Agency does not only provide Cyber Security and monitoring packages, but we also provide training for your staff and assistance in recognising potential threats on their computers. Allowing the hacker time to perform his attack will only maximise the damage to your business, which makes reporting unusual activities very important.

Choosing CSE Agency means that your business will be protected and monitored by our consultants, allowing you to be stress free. To reassure you further, in case of a breach happening under our scope, we have partnered with an insurance policy that will cover for the cost of the damage from the attack.