Cyber Attacks & Smartphones.

In recent months and in the last year, there has been a huge increase in cyber-attacks, targeting business in every single sector.

It is no longer a matter of whether you will be the target of an attack, but it is now a matter of “when”.  We advise you to take actions before it is too late!

We have become dependant on our smartphones a lot more that before in recent years. What used to be a device used to call people is now our first go-to when browsing the internet, checking the latest news, reading our e-mails etc… We now even use our smartphones as a wallet replacement to make e-payments!

How safe is this little computer we have in our pockets every single day? What can we do to make sure that our smartphones don’t become the target of a cyber-attack?

Here’s a few things you should make to make sure that your device is protected:

#1 – Only download from trusted sources.

Before downloading media or apps, try to do some research on the developer. You want to make sure that the app is legitimate and that includes doing things like checking reviews, asking a few friends if they have ever used the app before, confirming the legitimacy of the app store, having a look at their official website and looking out for consistency.

Once an untrusted app is downloaded onto your phone it can access, download and steal your private information, install viruses and harm your phone’s content.

#2 – Backup and secure your data.

This should be done very regularly. You should backup your personal data, including contacts, documents and photos onto your computer, the cloud or an external storage such as SD cards.

What this does is allow you to get all of our data back should it be lost, stolen or erased in a cyber-attack.

#3 – Understand app permissions before accepting them.

It is very easy to accept things and quickly give permissions to access apps without even understanding or reading them. You should be very careful because you could be giving permissions for hackers to perform certain functions on your smartphone.

We advise you to check for the app’s privacy setting on your smartphone before installing.

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact us.