How to Secure Your Business

There are countless stories on the news and on the internet that address the topic of cyber security and how cyber hackers have stolen a victim’s money and personal data.

Here is an outline of the three most effective ways to secure your IT systems in your business.

We try our best to make this very easy to understand and not too technical.

#1 – Awareness

How much do you know about cyber security?

Your staff and the people you work with need to have as much knowledge about cyber security as possible. Are you wondering why?

You could invest thousands of pounds into new security systems and buy the latest technology, and it could all very easily be bypassed because one of your staff or colleagues did not know much about phishing e-mails for example. (See our blog “Guide against phishing” to learn more)

The good thing is that cyber awareness does not require any investment! You just have to invest your time because the more you know about the different ways that cyber hackers try to trick you, the less likely you are to fall for it.

Tips: Have regular meetings and small learning sessions with your team and cyber security provider.

#2 – Multi-factor Login

Multi-factor login, also known as MFA or 2FA (Two-factor authentication) is a security process where the user must provide two different passwords to verify themselves, instead of just one.

This is done by having a standard password, and another password which is authorised by your smartphone. You either run an app or get a text message which will ask you to either allow or deny the login to your cloud service.

Tips: This is one of the best methods to protect against hackers as without access to your smartphone, they can’t bypass the multifactor login security.

#3 – Correct Backup Service

If you do become victim to a cyber breach, one of the ways to recover your systems is by changing passwords and restoring your files from a backup. The most important thing for an IT provider should be to make sure that the company’s data is backed up correctly.

Tips: Make sure that you can restore from a recent backup.

CSE Agency does not only provide Cyber Security and monitoring packages, but we also provide training for your staff and assist them in recognising potential threats on their computers. Allowing the hacker time to perform his attack will only maximise the damage to your business, which makes reporting unusual activities very important.

Choosing CSE Agency means that your business will be protected and monitored by our consultants, allowing you to be stress free.