Priorities for SME’s

We always work towards understanding the needs of our clients, and we accept that there may be a big question around the whole “Why would I need cyber security?”

Well, according to research released by Barclaycard, 48 per cent of SMEs fell victim to at least one cyber-attack in 2016 and 10 per cent were targeted multiple times!

The reason behind that is… priorities. For SME’s, cyber security can fall within the priorities’ ladder because “Why would anyone want to attack us,” or “we’re not targets” but the thing is, cyber-attacks against big businesses are nothing new, and just because attacks against SME’s do not go viral doesn’t mean that successful attacks against small firms do not happen on a DAILY basis.

So, let’s work TOGETHER. Let’s protect our businesses so that we never run the risk of losing clients, sales, profits and reputation because of a cyber hacker!

Breaches mean consequences, and here are some of things you could face:

#1 – Financial Loss

The economic set back from a cyber attack comes from the stolen financial information (bank details, payment card details etc..), disruption in daily work, loss of business or contacts. You can also imagine the costs of repairing the affected system and network and fixing the problem so that it doesn’t happen again (training staff, IT team, etc)

#2 – Reputation Damage

Reputation is arguably one of the most influential aspects of businesses. Business to client relationships work based on trust. How would a client feel about your business getting breached and their private information getting stolen or potentially be stolen? This damage in your reputation could lead you to lose customers, sales, profit and could even impact your relationship with your suppliers, partners and investors.

#3 – Legal Sanctions

Cyber Security is a very important aspect in the business world today, and the latest personal data law requires you to always be compliant. They demand that the personal data of your clients, staff and third parties remain safe. Should you be the victim of a cyber breach, you could face fines and regulatory sanctions.

At CSE Agency, we do not only provide Cyber Security packages, but we can also train your staff to prevent an attack from happening. Most of the attacks start from a user sharing their personal information on a website which they believed was legitimate but was in fact from a phishing email.

If you have been breached, do not hesitate to contact our response team and we will be happy to assist.